Arafam Pouyesh Company

Arafam Pouyesh Co. Supplier of medical, laboratory and research equipment and pharmaceutical and food raw materials


Laboratory and quality control (QC) equipment

Blood transfusion and storage

Pharmaceutical and food raw materials

Medical diagnostic laboratories

Biological research


Our products’ applications are very wide, and they are used in most research, educational, qualitative and manufacturing fields. Some of them are mentioned below. For more detailed information about the products and their application, please contact us.

We believe in perfection & creativity.

Arafam Pouyesh is exclusive representative of bellow listed manufacturer companies for sales, installation, training, and after sales services of their products in territory of IRAN.


arafam pouyesh

Arafam Pouyesh Group is ready to supply the following products at the request of customers due to its long-term work experience and its international relations.

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